This Week’s Playlist | 2/23/17

So here’s the deal. I want to make it a thing where by the end of each work week (let’s say either Thursday’s or Friday’s) that I want to share what I’ve been listening to for that week. I feel this is a fun way to introduce some of you to both new artists and genres alike. I’m also seeing some interest in having smaller artists comment on the weekly This Weeks Playlist article for the week and I could also throw them in the mix. This is something I’m debating, but feel close to having it set and stone. So, without further or do, here’s whats been rocking my socks off this week!

1. Imagine Dragons – Believer

The first song is a brand-spanking new one from the acclaimed band that manages to sneak into every movie and video game release, Imagine Dragons. It has powerful drums, thundering vocals, and lots of hand clapping. It’s very Imagine Dragons, to say the least, and as I said before, this song released alongside a new ad from Nintendo’s upcoming console, Nintendo Switch. Be a “believer” and check it out.

2. Slaves – I’d Rather See Your Star Explode

This was the biggest surprise to me over the week. A new single from slaves, lead by singer Jonny Craig. It was a surprise because their latest album release in 2015 of Routine Breathing still feels like it just released yesterday. Regardless, more is never a bad thing. In “I’d Rather See Your Star Explode”, you can hear Jonny like never before. Most social media outlets have seen an outpouring of people stating this is his best work in recent years, closely resembling early Dance Gavin Dance and Emarosa days. A very fun post-hardcore group to check out.

3. Fir For A King – Dead Memory

Next up we have Fit For A King, by far one of my most acclaimed metalcore bands out there because of how right they perfect the genre. “Dead Memory” features August Burns Red singer Jake Luhrs, adding that much more oomph to how in-your-face the song is. If the exhausting speed of Jared Easterling’s drums at the opening of the track don’t catch your interest, then move right along.

4. Run The Jewels – Legend Has It

If 2016 had to be summed up with a critically acclaimed album, it would have to be RTJ’s Run The Jewels 3 release. The whole album doesn’t miss a beat, but I personally feel “Legend Has It” is the biggest standout on there. Bother Killer Mike and El-P deliver strong verses all-around and finally leads into the chanting interlude “And the crowd goes RTJ!” over and over again hyping it up that much more.

5. Jon Bellion – New York Soul, Pt. ii

All the craze last year was surrounding upcoming artist Jon Bellion thanks to his catchy-as-all-hell single “All Time Low” and finally a few weeks back I decided to give Mr. Bellion a listen. The Human Condition features way too many genres packed into one meaningful album, but the song that hit me the hardest was “New York Soul, Pt. ii” thanks to it’s smooth guitar-sweeping intro with the lyrics “Bring me down to Brooklyn if I lose my life, Push me down the Hudson and turn on the radio” giving you chilling thoughts yet you can’t help but want to vibe along. To also help show the growth for Jon Bellion, he’s currently on tour with Twenty One Pilots, let that settle for a bit.

So there you have it! For now, I want to include only five songs at a time because I could go on and on listing songs off. Perhaps on special occasions I’ll add more, but this will be our placeholder. As I also said in the beginning of this post, I’d like to feature smaller artists and list them off just like this, feel that would be fun. Once I have more of an idea, I’ll be sure to release the info accordingly.

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