This Week’s Playlist | 3/4/17

There’s been a major delay here on MTS over the past week, and easily I could say it was thanks to being busy with classes, maybe out with the significant other, many examples as such. But the honest answer is because of the Switch over the last ~30 hours, give or take. SO! Without further ado, here’s what I’ve been checking out this week!

1. Senses Fail – Family Tradition

First up we have “Family Tradition” by Senses Fail off of their new EP In Your Absence, which celebrates the bands 15 year anniversary. This song is nowhere near new if you’re aware of the band. This happens to be an acoustic makeover of the song that was released back in 2008 on Life Is Not a Waiting Room. The production is damn-near perfect and surely will make you sit and think about the lyrics you have to endure. Also good to note, Senses Fail will be touring this spring and you can check out the dates here.

2. Portugal. The Man – Feel It Still

So this came as a surprise to most of us this week. Portugal. The Man has been teasing that maybe we would be blessed with something new soon, and that something finally became a thing this week. This release is also supported with a new tour that will be starting March 9 (that’s REALLY close). You can expect nothing but a funky vibe on this track.

3. Chris Christodoulou – Monsoon (Risk of Rain Soundtrack)

Here’s your oddball for this week. Jumping away from the “regular” music you are used to listening to, I wanted to share something a bit different. You can easily classify this as electronic, that’s a given, but this song is off of the only video game soundtrack I can listen to in its entirety. This song is off of a level in the video game Risk of Rain, where you’re trying to fight for your life without dying from various enemies. The song has a house vibe to it (in my opinion) but since it’s within that genre, I’ll let you decide because this isn’t my  strongest category. I highly suggest that if this isn’t you exact style of music that you give both this song and the rest of the album a chance. You can check out the entire album via Spotify here.

4. DREAMERS – Sweet Disaster

If you haven’t heard of DREAMERS, well, that might make sense to me. This band is very, very new and it’s very “sweet” to see how well they’re doing! This song comes off of their debut LP This Album Does Not Exist which released earlier last year. If you’re into alternative, this song will make sure to cover every reason why you adore the genre. The song almost makes you feel as if you’re in a trance of sorts, but the real kicker is the tone of the guitar. One second it’s calm, the next second it’s in your face. Give it a listen.

5. Animals As Leaders – The Brain Dance

Last up, we have “The Brain Dance.” Chances are you’ve heard of AAL, and I applaud you if you have. Within the progressive metal genre, this instrumental band takes the cake by far. You can expect what you know and love about the bands previous releases here. The Brain Dance features much softer melodies than before thanks to more acoustics being used. It almost sounds like a live, raw recording. You can hear nearly every slap of the instruments and that’s what makes it so unique. If you’re up to the challenge, I highly recommend you give your brain a treat and check this one out.

There you have it! It seems many of you are enjoying “This Week’s Playlist” so far and I’ll happily continue it each week as such. Much more is planned but until then, thank you to everyone who has stopped by and even went as far as to reach out to me. See you next week!


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