Welcome to MuteTheSound. Here you can find anything in the world of music, whether it be discovering up-and-coming artists, discussing any hot topics, or perhaps even interviews if the site sees possible growth down the road.

This site is ran by myself, Nakuma Townsend. I have always been well-known by friends for my knowledge of the music industry and finally felt it was time to put pen to paper and show off what’s inside my fidgety little head.

MuteTheSound is not aiming to be the next big thing. I simply want to share my thoughts with a wider audience and connect on a level that I’ve never felt before. My goal for the site is to express all that I can and even discover more about myself and my knowledge with music and the artistsĀ surrounding it.

Finally, why MuteTheSound? Throughout my life, I’ve always had my headphones in and hardly focused on the world around me. Constantly, I would be told to turn the music off or silence it. I knew I wanted the word “Mute” in the full name and thus, MuteTheSound.com was born! Plus, it sounded unique. This took a while to come up with, believe it or not.